affiche GCC 2021

Prologin could still not organize on site events but we still put together one online event to teach 25 girls how to program in Python.
Around 100 young girls will be able to attend this year's summer camps in Strasbourg, Lyon and Paris.
All the photos will be available soon...


affiche GCC 2020

In 2020, Prologin exceptionnaly organized a training course during the International Day of Women and Girls in Science in partnership with EPITA for 14 young girls.
Because of the sanitary crisis, no other short camp could be organized on site. One online short camp gathered 25 girls.
35 students attended this year's summer camps in Lyon and Paris. The 2020's summer camp in Paris' photos can be found here.


The one week summer camps are still as iconic and 80 girls attended throught the summer. This year was also created a new type of training camp : one or two days long, organized on Googles' premises in Montperllier, Nancy and Rennes. They brought together 28 junior high school and high school girls.
Get all the photos for the July summer camp here.
And the photos for the August camp here.


This year, the organization of a Girls Can Code! at Nantes was delegated to the organization Adn-ouest Atlantic 2020. Meanwhile, Prologin organizes the summer camps in Paris and Lyon.
Those summer camps had a total of 70 girls and a new practice on microcontrolers microbit is created. With the video games tutorial and some activities with the Lego robots it's a great way to practice the skills learned during the week with creativity and fun !
Find the album for this year's events here.


In 2017, Prologin challenges itself to organize 3 Girls Can Code summer camps! One at Bordeaux in July and two others at Paris and Lyon at the same time at the end of august. They received a total of 52 participants !
This year's photos are available here.


In 2016, the 18 girls had very different levels, so the camp was split in small groups. This year a new tutorial was created on Networks, where each girls creates it's own chat client ! The photos are available here.


In 2015, there was 12 girls taking part to the summer camps which for the first time as tutorials on web programming, and a small tutorial on video game creation with the Pygame library and even an introduction to Linux.
The 2015 photos can be found here.


This first summer camp hosted 10 participants for 5 days to introduce to them to programming. Center around algorithmic, we learn to use abstract data structures, for example graphs. Among all the participants, two in particular continue to study IT and became organizers as well.