This page lists the tutorials used during the Girls Can Code! workshops.
Do not hesitate to contact us here should you have any questions regarding the tutorials.

Tutorial 0

What to use to code in Python

Learn how to use in order to code in Python.
We will walk you through micro:bit's core features and create your own game!

Tutorial 1

Introduction to Python programming

This tutorial will teach you some basic things you need to know when programming in Python:

  • print text,
  • read from the input,
  • variable manipulation,
  • conditions,
  • loops (for loops and while loops),
  • functions.
You will achieve a basic program that counts a sports tournament's points.
You will only need to use one of the editor you learnt to use in the very first tutorial.

Tutorial 2

Lists and strings

You will learn about lists and practice what you learnt in Tutorial 1.
Through the exercices, you will design functions that will:

  • traverse a list,
  • find and return elements in a list,
  • apply an operation on all the elements of a list,
  • slice lists,
  • and more !

This tutorial introduces the Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) paradigm.
You will learn how to build classes in Python. The first part will teach you:

  • what are classes and why we need them,
  • the relationship between objects and classes,
  • what are attributes and methods of a class.
The second part uses a Pokemon themed exercise for you to practice this notion.

You will, in this tutorial, build your own website using HTML and CSS.
With only an text editor and your web browser you will learn:

  • the hierarchy of a website with HTML5,
  • how to add titles, paragraphs and even images to your webpage,
  • how to modify the style of your page with CSS3,
  • and much more.
You can also find the bonus part for this tutorial here.