Summer camps open for registration

42 Paris, from the Oct. 7, 2023 to the Oct. 8, 2023
ENI Quimper, from the Oct. 14, 2023 to the Oct. 15, 2023
42 Mulhouse, from the Oct. 21, 2023 to the Oct. 22, 2023
ULCO Calais, from the Nov. 25, 2023 to the Nov. 26, 2023
EPITA Kremlin-Bicêtre, from the Dec. 9, 2023 to the Dec. 10, 2023
EPITA Rennes (Campus Via Silva), from the Dec. 9, 2023 to the Dec. 10, 2023

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The different types of Summer Camps

There are two types of Girls Can Code! summer camps:

Content and schedule of the week-end Summer Camps

They are shorter thus give less time to discover the variety of computer science but can be organized more often and in various locations. They can focus on special topics but as a default they are an introduction to computer science via practical sessions. The first day focuses on the discovery of Python and the next on the creation of a small project on a microcontroller.

Here is an example schedule of a GCC! week-end, but the time of arrival and departure may vary, you will be sent a precise one when accepted.

Typical Schedule of a GCC! Week-end

Content and schedule of the week-long Summer Camps

The summer camps lasts for one week and mainly consist of practical exercises. The week starts with an initiation to the Python programming language, and then some introductive tutorials about several subdomains of informatics like network or web design. Finally, the week ends with a personal project, that can be chosen among several main topics: video game, robotics or microcontroller.

Here is a typical schedule of a GCC! week. Notice that the attendees can arrive between 9 am and 9:30 am and can leave at between 5 pm and 6 pm.

Typical Schedule of a GCC! Week

Academic Level

We accept girls attending to secondary school are higher, the difficulty of the internship aims at adapting to the knowledge of all participants.

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